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Front view of Bookeen Cybook Odyssey

Reasons to consider the
Bookeen Cybook Odyssey

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Much lighter weight 180 g vs 652 g 3.6x lighter weight
Expandable memory microSD (up to 32GB) vs None About half of E-Readers have an expansion slot ; store more content with a removable microSD card
Doesn't use a proprietary power connector No (micro-USB) vs Yes (Lightning port) Somewhat common; Standardized connectors are cheap, compatible and easy to find
Much longer battery life 30 hour vs 10 hour 3x longer battery life; read more between charges
Much better Input/Output port micro-USB vs Lightning port 100% better Input/Output port
Is readable in direct sunlight Yes (E-Ink) vs No (LCD) Somewhat common; text doesn't look washed out in direct daylight
Uses an open platform Yes vs No Somewhat common; can download ebooks from any source offering formats supported by device
Front view of Apple iPad 4

Reasons to consider the
Apple iPad 4

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Has a built-in light LED backlight vs None Most E-Readers have a built-in light
Much bigger screen 9.7" vs 6" More than 60% bigger screen
Much higher resolution screen 2048 x 1536 vs 800 x 600 More than 6.5x higher resolution screen
Can display full color Yes (LCD) vs No (E-Ink) Somewhat common; view images, read comics, and web-browse in full color
Significantly faster processor 1,400 MHz vs 800 MHz 75% faster processor; a faster processor improves responsiveness
Supports text to speech Yes vs No About half of E-Readers support text to speech

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Cybook Odyssey  vs
iPad 4 
Screen resolution 800 x 600 2048 x 1536
Screen size 6" 9.7"
Pixel density 166 ppi 263 ppi
Built-in light None LED backlight
Screen type E-Ink LCD
Touchscreen Capacitive Capacitive
Flashes screen black during page turns No No


Note taking Yes Yes
Text to speech No Yes
Directly download library e-books to device Yes Yes
Web browser Yes Yes
Stereo speakers No Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes


Expansion slot microSD (up to 32GB) None
Memory 2 GB 16 GB


Cybook Odyssey  vs
iPad 4 
Input/Output port micro-USB Lightning port
Cellular data None None
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth connectivity No Yes

technical specs

RAM 128 MB 1,024 MB
Processor 800 MHz 1,400 MHz


Uses an open platform Yes No

form factor

Housing type Aluminum Aluminum and glass
Size 120 x 166 x 9 mm 241 x 186 x 9 mm
Weight 180 g 652 g
Headphone jack Yes Yes
Bookeen Cybook Odyssey
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Apple iPad 4
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