Kobo Mini 

Released September, 2012
  • Wi-Fi
  • 5"
  • 800 x 600
  • 2 GB
6.7 Out of 10

But priced at £59.99/AU$99.99/US$79.99, it's considerably cheaper than its bigger specced brothers, as well as rivals such as the Kindle Fire, the Nook Simple Touch and even the cheapest Amazon e-reader, the Kindle.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)
Using the touchscreen is easy; pages turn back and forth quickly enough when the screen is touched on the corresponding side.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)

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The Kobo Mini's battery life should cope with most journeys bar the Trans Siberian Express, while the e-ink screen is highly customisable, and enjoyable to read.



7.0 Out of 10

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Media support

Unlike a Kindle, any old EPUB e-book is totally readable on the Kobo Mini.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)
As well as downloading books from Kobo's own collections (including a list of free books that proved difficult to scan through quickly enough), it's possible to side-load EPUB files from a PC or Mac using a Micro USB cable without a care for compatibility or for any converting software.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)
However, it's the Kobo Mini's source-neutral approach to EPUB format e-books - by far the easiest to find and buy on the web - that arguably pushes its versatility past that of the Kindle.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)


As well as manual side-loading that requires a computer, the Kobo Mini's 800MHz processor is fairly underpowered in the wider e-reader market, and it does create the odd problem.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)
A small, versatile, customisable and highly portable e-reader that can be held in one hand, the Kobo Mini features a user experience identical to other efforts from the brand, though a slower processor, low-res screen and the need for a computer make this a relatively limited effort.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)

Battery life

The Kobo Mini uses an e-ink screen - though a rather low resolution version, at just 800 x 600 pixels - that negates the need to pack a charger, with battery life rated at about two weeks.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)


Although the Kobo Mini has 2GB of storage onboard, barely over 1GB is freed up for storing e-books, documents and photos.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)

Operating system

Kobo's online e-book shop is accessible from the Kobo Mini, while other new features of the refreshed operating system include both Reading Life (which monitors your progress), Shelf (folders that can be created to house specific books and documents), and a book wish list on the Kobo store.
by Tech Radar (Nov, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Gray shades 16
Screen resolution 800 x 600
Screen size 5"
Pixel density 200 ppi
Built-in light None
Screen type E-Ink
Touchscreen Infrared
Multitouch Yes
Flashes screen black during page turns Yes


Sync across multiple devices Yes
Note taking Yes
Text to speech No
Directly download library e-books to device No
Web browser Yes
Stereo speakers No
Evernote integration No
Landscape mode Yes
Accelerometer No
Parental controls No


Internal storage 1 GB
Expansion slot None
Memory 2 GB


Input/Output port micro-USB
Cellular data None
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth connectivity No

technical specs

Processor 800 MHz
Document support
  1. ePUB
  2. PDF
  3. TXT
  4. HTML
  5. RTF
  6. CBZ
  7. CBR
  8. MOBI
Image support
  1. JPEG
  2. GIF
  3. PNG
  4. TIFF


Uses an open platform Yes
Bookstore Kobo Books
EBookstore size 3.2 M book
Free content free content 1.89 M books
Customer loyalty program No
Average NYT best sellers price $9.95
Number of NYT top-selling titles offered+ 38
Reader-to-reader lending No
Cloud storage Yes
Reading apps iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PC and Mac
Additional electronic offerings newspapers, magazines and comics/graphic novels
Has retail store locations No

form factor

Housing type Plastic and tough rubber
Size 102 x 133 x 10 mm
Weight 134 g
Interface touchscreen
Headphone jack No
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