What’s the Best E-Reader for a Student? Part One

A lot of factors will probably go into your decision regarding which e-reader to buy — but those factors will likely be different depending on what you plan to use the e-reader for.

Buying an e-reader for a child, for example, would entail looking for a model that’s durable and easy to hold, and that maybe comes with software that allows you to control or monitor the child’s reading habits. (At that point, you’re technically getting into tablet territory, however.) If you’re buying an e-reader for your own personal use, you might consider factors like price, whether it has extra features like LED frontlighting, and, yes, how cool it looks.

That said, buying an e-reader to use for school comes with its own set of challenges and variables to consider. Here’s are two questions that will help begin to guide you toward the e-reader that will best meet your educational needs. In Part Two of this series, we’ll get more in depth to really help you narrow down your options. But you can start with these:

Does your school allow e-readers?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself before you even consider getting an e-reader to use at school. While many educational institutions are getting wise to the benefits of technology in the classroom, some schools or professors (especially in high schools) may take issue with your use of an e-reader.

It’s wise to check your school handbook or ask an administrator before dropping money on a device that you won’t be allowed to use in the classroom. The good news is you may have better luck with a dedicated e-reader than with a tablet, since e-readers generally don’t have the apps, games, and Internet-browsing capabilities that educators might consider an unacceptable distraction.

What can you afford?

A simple yet necessary question to ask yourself before buying an e-reader for school is how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re a high school student, this question might sound more like, “What are my parents willing to spend?” If you’re a college student, it might sound more like, “How many late-night fast food binges am I willing to forgo in order to afford this e-reader?”

Either way, students aren’t exactly known for their unending supplies of cash, so make sure price is a factor in your decision regarding which e-reader to buy.

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