Reasons to Consider an E-Reader Cover

While e-reader manufacturers have done a lot of work to make their e-readers as similar to traditional books as possible, there are some areas where e-readers fall short. The most obvious of these is in durability. While you can drop, throw, and get food on a regular book, an e-reader is less likely to stand up to these abuses — and replacing it is a lot more expensive than replacing a paperback.

That’s why if you’re going to spend the money on an e-reader, you should also consider getting a cover or case for it. While a case might make your device a little bit bulkier, it’ll pay off when you’re able to keep and enjoy your e-reader for years to come. Here are a few other reasons to consider purchasing a cover or case for your e-reader:


Lots of the e-readers out there are well-designed and look great — but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to change up the look every once in a while. With a ton of different styles, colors, and designs available, an e-reader case can let you express your personality. For a classic/vintage style, you can pick up a case that looks like a hardcover book. Or, get something with pockets and straps to make your e-reader the centerpiece of a portable productivity station. Or, heck, just make it a cool color. It’s up to you.


One unfortunate thing e-readers have that books never will is a big piece of glass housed by a plastic or metal shell, all of which is just screaming to be plastered with smudges and fingerprints. While not terribly serious in terms of damage, smudges make your e-reader look terrible and can make it tougher to read, especially in bright light. A case, especially one with a cover that goes over the screen, will keep your e-reader safe from fingerprints.


Letting your child use your e-reader (or getting them their own) can be a great way to encourage reading. Unfortunately, small hands and a lack of co-ordination make kids… well, not always the most compatible with breakable electronics. Slapping a case on there will protect your e-reader when it slides off the couch/gets stepped on/is put down too hard, and a big case with a grippy surface will make it easier for little hands to hold.

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