How Does the Nook Glowlight 2013 Hold Up to a Drop Test?

E-readers were made to be portable, just like the traditional books they’re modeled after. So, if you actually use your e-reader like it’s designed to be used, (as opposed to in a sterile room while wearing gloves) it’s highly likely you’ll drop it at some point. That’s just the price of admission if you’re going to carry an electronic device with a large glass screen around in your pocket or bag all the time. The good news is, not all e-readers are made equal, and some hold up better to damage than others.

While we always advise you put a case on your e-reader to give it some extra padding in case of drops or falls, cases can’t always protect your e-reader — so if fall damage is something you’re concerned about, it might be worth looking into how your favorite e-reader holds up in a drop test.

The good folks over at Good E-Reader have got you covered. In the video above, they drop a new Nook Glowlight (the 2013 model) on concrete from 3 feet and 5 feet on its back, side, and front. Good news (and spoiler alert) Glowlight fans: it passes the test and survives with its screen intact and its internal components in working order.

When it comes down to it, though, our advice is simply to take care not to drop your e-reader. It’ll save everyone a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

(via Good E-Reader)

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